Enjoy the food. Savor the conversation.

Our Mission

eat+drink is all about the experience. We are a community of people who enjoy and celebrate the same things: food, wine, good company and great conversation . And we’re here to bring you the best of those experiences – from new restaurant openings to wine reviews to quick video recipes. We strive to curate lovely evenings where delicious food and wine is mixed with lively dialogue among new friends. We look forward to having you join us.


Heather Somaini, Chief Curator
Heather has always enjoyed eating and drinking. Some may say she learned early how to eat, and possibly drink, well. Growing up in Europe, her family traveled extensively and encouraged her to try new foods, meet new people, and enjoy the combination when those things meet. Heather created eat+drink over six years ago and keeps adding on new aspects every year. Now with eat+drink firmly embedded in the Los Angeles culture and eat+drink Austin on the move, we have our sights set on the rest of the country! 

Dave Avery, Restaurants
Dave is an avid explorer, always keen to discover new hidden gems whether traveling abroad or exploring life in his own Los Angeles backyard. A marathon runner, travel enthusiast, and foodie, Dave often combines all of these pursuits. With a fondness for all varieties of ethnic foods as well as fresh, healthy food preparation, Dave will provide his perspective on the Los Angeles restaurant scene while expanding his contributions to include his travels around the globe. Whether you are looking for a new hidden gem of a restaurant or looking for an updated take on an old standard, Dave will be there to give you his input. 

Christian Vance, Wine
Christian’s fascination with wine happened largely by accident, he had a friend that kept sharing really good bottles with him.  After asking too many questions about why certain wines had certain characteristics or cost what they did, his friend suggested that Christian start attending wine education programs…and so the odyssean journey began.  Much to the detriment of his personal finances, Christian can hardly be happier than when he is enjoying Grand Cru Burgundy.  He can often be found loitering around E+D events in the hope that Heather may mistakenly open up another 2002 Harlan Estate.

Roman Vazquez, Spirits
Just like Dave, Roman always likes trying new things. Music, movies, vacation spots, food, drinks…Roman is eclectic. Having traveled the globe all his life, Roman’s love of different cultures has shaped his worldview. Spanish paella? Loves it. Korean soju? Yes please! Indian naan? Can't get enough. Living in Southern California affords this native all the options and he takes advantage whenever he can. Fun facts: Roman owns a 1960 Karmann Ghia, has scuba dived at the Great Barrier Reef, likes EDM, and was once sold in stores as a Mattel action figure.  With so much going on in his life, he's always ready to relax with a cocktail or two. His standby: A classic Kettle One and tonic.

Tere Throenle, Recipes
Tere didn't find a passion for cooking when she was young but she did love spending time with her Mom in the kitchen. As corporate life took over after college, she managed to perfect three dishes - one of them was scrambled eggs. When Tere's children arrived, she thought maybe a few more skills in the kitchen would be helpful.  The idea of Sunday Supper soon emerged with other families, simple food, fun wine, and great conversation.  Soon "a few more skills" turned a simple pasta bolognese into Sunday Suppers with non-stop courses. Tere never fails to impress.