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Restaurant Reviews - Los angeles

We’ve gone around the City of Angels to bring you only the best tastes and dining experiences in and around Los Angeles. Explore these culinary adventures with us!


$ = $10
$$ = $11-30
$$$ = $31-60
$$$$ = $61-100
$$$$$ = $100+

Drink. Don't Eat. = The only thing you can do here is drink and even that is pretty dismal.
Eat. Don't Drink. = The food is passable but the cocktails are abysmal.
Drink, then Eat. = We're loving the cocktails but you need them to get through the food.
Eat, then Drink. = We're loving the food but the cocktails not so much.
Eat AND Drink. = We're loving the food and the cocktails and the wine. Go every chance you get.