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Pono Burger

Pono Burger
829 Broadway, Santa Monica, CA 90401 ($$)

Eat. Don't Drink: Great hamburger, Hawaiian-style in a funky, Quonset hut space.

We visited the lovely Pono Burger on Friday night as a little end of the week treat. I love that I can find parking right on the street, walk in, and be seated in no time at all. Nothing better. I'm not a huge fan of the assembled burgers here - they all have a sweetness or tanginess I'm not used to but I'm more than happy to build my own burger. Match that with sweet potato fries, regular fries and a strawberry lemonade and summer has never been better!

Just last week, Eater LA featured egg sandwiches in "Every Mouthwatering Breakfast Sandwich to Try in Los Angeles" and oddly enough, Pono Burger's Breakfast Sandwich was left off. I'm not sure why but this bad boy has Scrambled Eggs, Niman Ranch bacon, Hook's 1yr cheddar, organic vine-ripened tomato, organic arugula drizzled with white truffle oil, house-made bacon/chipotle aioli + for a little more protein, I added a beef patty. Yes you heard me right - that picture below was completely devoured in no time at all. It was not only a sight to behold but a deliciousness that hit my tummy in all the right places. It's also available all day so you can have this yumminess for dinner, just like I did!

I really like the casual but-not-too-casual, cool but-not-too-cool decor at Pono Burger too. 

Match all of that with this Kona Coffee Affogato......woah.......Watch out! You're going to be full for the rest of night - find the tv remote!

Kona Coffee Affogato