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Sugarfish by Sushi Nozawa

Sugarfish by Sushi Nozawa
101 S La Brea Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90036 ($$$)

Eat, then Drink: Simplicity, quality, and value are the key words that make Sugarfish the go-to sushi place in LA.


You've heard of "weekday wines" and "special occasion wines", but have you ever had a wine that you liked so much you just wanted to open it on a Tuesday night because you knew it would be that good?   Well when it comes to sushi restaurants in LA (and now in New York), Sugarfish is that restaurant that costs just a bit more but when you want guaranteed quality and the simplicity of not having to pour over dozens of menu options, Sugarfish is for you!

Specializing in a small selection of traditional sushi items, each using the highest quality "melt in your mouth" fish and light sauces, the menu primarily consists of 3 set menu options, a few a la carte items, and a small selection of beer, wine (white only), and sake.  The king of the hill is "The Nozawa - Trust Me" menu - $37 for lunch or $42 at dinner, you will leave satisfied and happy.

To match the simplicity of the menu, Sugarfish doesn't take reservations, won't seat you if your entire party isn't present, and includes a fixed 16% service charge on the bill in lieu of a gratuity.   The line grows fast, but if you come for an early dinner, odds of getting a table quickly are good.   At the Beverly Hills branch, there is an outdoor waiting area where you can begin your festivities with a glass of wine or a sake. 

I love good sushi, and I am always happy to try one of the many restaurants that gets adventurous with its menu and specials.   But when you feel like a meal that is amazing and dependable at the same time, Sugarfish is that expensive wine you open on a Tuesday. 

Locations across LA, including Brentwood, Beverly Hills, MidCity, Marina del Rey, and more...