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Buzz Wine Beer Shop (DTLA) - Tap Takeover

Give It to me light & easy
$8 Beer flight July 29th, 6pm-12am

1. OASI (Birrificio Rurale): Beautiful hit of honey on this Belgian style pale made in ITALY......Italy? like the guys who make Peroni? Yea ITALY, they make great beer too, not just normal beer but CRAFT BEER!! Located 15 miles away from Milan, Italy, the group of six home brewing/ Wine Geeks decided to create a brewery that represents their culture. The result is a strong base line up which most Italian Beer Geeks go crazy for. The OASI aka #1 is a beer brewed with your typical malt, water, hops, and yeast but it also includes some honey and Chesnutt which is both grown and raised locally, just to make this beer cooler then it already is ;). This beer has more balance then you do while your sober with good sleep, and sweeter then your 2nd grade teacher. 

2. Mama's Little Yella Pils (Oskar Blues): We know most of you think American breweries suck at replicating any foreign style but this American Style pilsner right here DOE!!! Oskar Blues was the pioneer on the "craft beer can" and boy did they stick with it, Like every beer is canned, even their barrel aged stout (Tree Fidy) is canned! how bizarre is that? not bizarre actually, as craft beer does belong in cans, some might say most beers are better canned. This Pilsner is how them crazy Franconian monks would want it, aromas of grass, earth, and mild spice, which is brought to you by Sazz hops. Saaz hops are like the Notorious BIG of hops, in a world filled with Lil Wayne hops. (we don't like Lil Wayne :-/ ) Grab a can and pretend you aren't so pretentious and enjoying a nice cold Pabst Blue Ribbon, just like all normal people do.

3. Q-Cumber Pale (San Fernando Brewing): The San Fernando Valley heat can be rough, sooo rough you might as well break in to a house and use up the AC and leave with handcuffs cause it might be worth it. (do the have a working AC in Jail??) Our buddy Vic had the great idea of creating a nice and easy pale ale and add cucumber to it, which is what the SFV needed . Cucumber and hops hit your nose right at the start and boy does it feel wrong and good at the same time. Light bodied ....DOYY and FUR Sure this gnarly refreshing drink is awesome too. Like, why just think about it, Its totally the beer to drink while driving down Venturah BLVD (Warning San Fernando Beer might leave you with a Valley Boy/Girl grammar)

4. Summer Pale Ale (Port Brewing): Port Brewing might be known for their super hard to get beers like MONGO and WIPE OUT...jk. This seasonal Pale ale is probably the best choice you can make this summer, looking at you people who refuse to use sun block!! Port Brewing can be arguably the best Meh brewery in the San Diego area, which is a complement due to the infestation of breweries in the area. Tangerine, bread, grass, and tropical fruits is what is noticeable on the nose. The palate brings us flavors of Light and crisp refreshment with some juicy orange rind and grapefruit zest flavors.

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