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Deportola Wine Trail Big Red Fest 2016

Join fellow wine enthusiasts for the nirvana of wine-tasting on April 30, 2016 from 10-5 in Temecula California.  9 wineries on the trail will participate in a day-long event featuring 3 samples of wine and an appetizer portion of food.  You will be self-motivated along the 5 mile trail to casually taste wine and some nibbles from the wineries' favorite chefs.  You will enjoy the scenery and talk with the owners of each winery.  First timers will soon become loyalists for this once a year event.

For tickets please go to  

Select your starting winery and ticket option (there is a designated ticket option for a reduced price of 29.99 plus tax) click on the time and you will be set.  You will check in at the winery you chose (will call) and you will receive your ticket and logo glass.  

Participating wineries include: Fazeli Cellars, Robert Renzoni, Gershon Bachus, Oak Mountain, Leoness Cellars, Danza Del Sol, Frangipani, Cougar and Masia De La Vinya.