Enjoy the food. Savor the conversation.

Otium - The "Spirits Guy" Perspective

222 S. Hope Street, Los Angeles ($$$)

So I'm going to be completely frank here. Just by looking at the amount of cocktails you see below I'll let you all guess as to the level of detail I remember of each and every drink. I'll give you a hint... not a whole hell of a lot. Christian's review of the wines we had will help to explain why. However, this doesn't  mean I can't give you my honest assessment of my overall experience. That the alcohol can't numb. 

As my esteemed colleagues have and will be discussing, Otium has a lot going for it and some might not be for everyone. But in terms of drinks, I liked their take on the classics and some of their own unique drinks. And like all good bars the menu lists out exactly what's in the drinks. Did I order the Margarita because of the Elderflower? No. But the Birdseye Chili peaked my curiosity. The green tea in the Piña Colada made what would have been a boring choice more appetizing. And the big ice cube used in some of the drinks was a nice touch. 

Say what you will of the small count of the drinks on the menu, they're gussied up enough to hold there own. Plus having the bartender's choice is a great option. I'd certainly go back and meet friends for drinks and you should too.