Enjoy the food. Savor the conversation.

Da Silvano (NYC)

Da Silvano
260 Avenue of the Americas, New York, NY 10014 ($$$)

Eat AND Drink. And then when you're done, eat and drink all over again, and then do it one more time.

A picture perfect day in NYC.

Da Silvano is by far one of my favorite restaurants to visit in New York City. If I'm lucky, I get to the big Apple two to three times a year, which is just not enough. There are only so many restaurants you can try with so few days in one location. That said, I try to get to this Tuscan hangout at least once a year.

We arrived a bit early to enjoy the late afternoon and a glass or two (or three) of wine before a new friend joined us. Going out on a limb (not exactly), I ordered a 2015 Sancerre (Domaine de la Perriere). It was perfect for 5:00p and a warm late September Greenwich Village Friday. 

Soon our friend arrived and we started ordering actual food which was smart because we polished off that bottle of wine very quickly. Caprese, charcuterie and cheese, and bread with olive oil came out in short order.

Soon though, we had to get down to business. Next came the 2014 Gavi de Gavi (La Scolca Black Label). At this point, I was very happy and willing to go along with pretty much anything our waiter recommended but he did not disappoint. Light, refreshing and perfect with every bit of food about to arrive.

In quick succession we ordered and out came the Gnocchi all'Aragosta (lobster and cherry tomatos), Fettuccine al Tartufo Scorzone (summer truffles), and a special Spaghetti that included some of the gigantic fish the owner, Silvano Marchetto, insisted we must try and it didn't disappoint. 

Although I rarely understand anything Mr. Marchetto says, he makes me smile. I think Jenn was much better about her picture pose than I was!

Our waiter was a good sport with three slightly tipsy women at our table.

Dessert was next and if anyone has dined with me knows, I like to order a lot of desserts. Life is too short to not try all the desserts you can. We had the Tiramisu, Creme Brulee, and the Bongo Bongo...yes, you read that right. Bongo Bongo = Beignets filled with vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce. Check out the entire dessert menu but know that a trip to Da Silvano is in your near future. Venture forward at your own risk!

As always, Da Silvano does not disappoint and a great time was had by all. Nothing beats the old world charm, great food, lovely staff and New York appeal of Da Silvano. Stop by for a drink, spend an afternoon at an outdoor table, celebrate an anniversary, maybe even pop the question - whatever you do, do it at Da Silvano!