Enjoy the food. Savor the conversation.

El Cholo-L.A. Lemonade

El Cholo
840 E Whittier Blvd, La Habra, CA 90631 ($$)

Every time I make it over to my local El Cholo, or the former Sonora Cafe in LA, I absolutely can't pass on ordering myself an L.A. Lemonade. I'm not a huge Margarita fan, but that cocktail packs a lot of taste and yes, lots of tequila. 1800, Sauza, and Herradura. Mix in a splash of Cointreau, salt, and lime and you've got the makings of a happy time! And with the sidecar carafe... the party just keeps on coming! If you don't get a buzz off of one of these, you've probably lost your liver years ago. 

But for everyone else, after a couple of them start thinking about that Uber.