Enjoy the food. Savor the conversation.

Nook Bistro

Nook Bistro
11628 Santa Monica Blvd #9, Los Angeles 90025 (310)207-5160 ($$)

Drink, then Eat: Solid bar program even if the food has drifted in the last few years.


“The Nook” is named for an obvious reason - it’s in the nook of a West Los Angeles strip mall and it’s difficult to find.  You sort of have to know what you’re doing which makes this aspect of this restaurant one of my favorites.  I like exclusivity and I also like something that requires working a little harder than usual to get it.  Once you’re “in the know”, it’s fun to have the knowledge that everyone else wishes they had.

The Nook is only open for dinner these days (they used to do lunch) but man what a good dinner it is.  The guys who own/run it also have Bergamot Cafe over in Santa Monica which has some of the most edible sandwiches and salads anywhere!  

But I digress….sorry.  The Nook is pretty damn amazing and I especially like their calamari, Niman Ranch pork chop, the Nook burger, and the organic half chicken.  My kids had the chicken this past Sunday and there was literally nothing left of it afterwards.  But my all-time favorite from the Nook is dessert.  And not just any dessert.  The Chocolate Banana Bread Pudding.  Amazeballs.

The Nook has a solidly diverse but yet affordable wine list and a substantial list of interesting beer.  They recently added in mixed drinks and I hear soon will have a beer tap.  If you’re looking for the perfect spot to grab a little nosh and try a wine or beer you wouldn’t normally, The Nook is the place for you!