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August 29, 2015 with Scott Tremonti

The Urban Oven was originally founded in Seattle by Chef Scott Tremonti, a renowned Pizzaiolo with uncompromising pursuit of perfection. In 2012, Chef Scott moved the operation back to Los Angeles and quickly began assembling a crew of aspiring Pizzaiolos who shared his passion for authentic artisanal pizzas. By combining freshly sourced ingredients with old world crust, we create culinary masterpieces fresh from the wood oven reminiscent of pizza in its purest form, when it was created as a gift to royalty.

Now, after years of experience and training by some of today’s top pizzaiolos, Chef Scott has built an ardent following and he and his staff gladly share their authentic Napoli-style wood-fired artisanal pizzas on the streets of Los Angeles made fresh on the custom-built mobile wood-fired food truck. Each pizza is made to order and creating the perfect pie is the goal we strive for each time we hit the streets.


Charcuterie - Mole', Finocciona, Hot Sopressata
Honey and truffle drizzled burrata
Crostini's with pickled cauliflower and chile bread crumbs
2008 Uvaggio Moscato

2013 Uvaggio Antichi Viti

3rd /Salad
Beets with Blood Oranges and Fennel
2014 Uvaggio Rosato

4th / Pizza
Prosciutto w/ Roasted Asparagus
Tre Fungi
Special Super Secret Pizza
2012 Uvaggio Primitivo

5th / Dessert
Lemon Olive Oil Cake
Uvaggio Vermentino Passito