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September 8th with Aaron Aldridge

Chef Aaron Aldridge set the bar very high last year with his first visit to the eat+drink Dinner Series and we're sure he won't disappoint again this year! 

Aaron's obsession with great food and drink began in his grandmother's Louisiana kitchen. She taught him where the best food comes from...the soul. He's perfected traditional Creole cuisine while mirroring the New Orleans melting pot culture. He recently relocated to Los Angeles and we are lucky to experience his first creations in the City of Angels!   

Sample Menu from Last Year
Cornmeal, fat fried catfish, tartar sauce
Smoked paprika deviled eggs, pickled mustard seed, hot sauce aioli
Pimento cheese, caramelized onions, green tomato pickle

Creole Cochon de Gumbo
Tomato, andouille, hamhock, okra and Yukon gold potato salad

Ca c’est bon!
Louisiana Blue crab claw meat, tomato, lemon aioli, jalapeno, corn bread croutons, fancy lettuce, first press olive oil

Shrimp n’ Grits
Louisiana Gulf shrimp, yellow corn grits, courtbullion, pickled shallot & sweet peppers, charred green onion vinaigrette

Iris’ Blueberry Torte
Blueberry reduction, chantilly cream, pecan pie crumble, Carmichael’s honey

September 8th

7:00p Cocktails
8:00p Dinner

$125 per person includes EVERYTHING (all beverages are complimentary), all you have to do is bring your hungry, thirsty self. We can't wait to eat+drink with you!

July 28th with Vincent Samarco

Join us for a French culinary adventure with Chef Vincent Samarco later this month - don't miss! 

The son and grandson of renowned French chefs, Vincent Samarco is a Parisian restaurateur who arrived in Los Angeles two years ago. He got his start in the restaurant industry at 18, and has never left. From dive bars to Michelin stars, Vincent has done it all… and with a joie de vivre you won’t forget. Since moving to L.A., Vincent has fallen in love with California and has big plans for his future here. 


Upon Arrival
Charcuterie & Cheeses
Wine: Sparkling & Still Rosé, Rosé, Rosé

To Start
Greek Salad with Herbs sent by the chef's father from Kalymnos
Wine: Alsace AOC, Pinot Gris Vieilles Vignes, Albert Hertz "Eguisheim" 2014

Braised Lamb with Harissa, Tzatziki and Baby Veggies
Wine: Corbiere AOC, Grenache, Domaine Espirit de Pierres "Revelation" 2014

To Finish
Baba au Rhum with Whipped Cream
Digestif: Rhum

July 28th

7:00p Cocktails
8:00p Dinner

$125 per person includes EVERYTHING (all beverages are complimentary), all you have to do is bring your hungry, thirsty self. We can't wait to eat+drink with you!

September 17, 2016 with Rocio Siso-Gurriaran & J.Brix Wines

What a wonderful close-out dinner to finish the 2016 eat+drink Supper Club season! Chef Rocio Siso-Gurriaran along with her sous chefs Amy & Amy, brought the heat. Rocio's menu was spot on and the food was delicious. We should all rush down to see her at work at Nine-Ten Restaurant in La Jolla. Chef Rocio and J.Brix paired the wines beautifully for each course, of course. It's always sad to say goodbye to the Supper Club for many months but we're excited for 2017 and looking forward to new chefs, food and wine to experience next year.

To Start:
Hudson Valley Foie Gras terrine
Lime crème fraiche cake , pickled celery green apple and herbs, red beet spicy glace
Wine: 2014 The Augur Dry Riesling

Jabugo ham and melon salad
Monte enebro goat cheese, Castelveltrano and kalamata olives, wild arugula, radicchioand burnt honey-chamomile vinaigrette
Wine: 2015 Nomine Amoris Pinot Gris Rose

Braised Colorado lamb tortellini
Roasted carrots and hen of the woods mushrooms, pine roasted cipollini onions, lamb jus and pickled cherries
Wine: 2015 Audire Pinot Noir

Cariñena Pain Perdu and bay leaf ice cream (aka Devil’s Horse Toast in Galicia)
Wine: 2015 Rougarou Carignan

August 27, 2016 with Shannon Griffin & Presqu'ile Wine

Our third Supper Club event of 2016 was this past Saturday and AGAIN, it was a rousing success! Chef Shannon Griffin created a lovely meal with her twin brother Sean assisting. We all had out favorites but mine was the Bucatini Pasta with sausage!

Hamachi Crudo
Persian cucumber, yogurt, marash pepper

Rustic Sourdough Crostini
tomato agrodolce, burrata

-Family Style-
Roasted Beets
grains, apples, goat cheese, arugula

Bucatini Pasta
pork & fennel sausage, swiss chard, pangrattato

Slow Cooked Ora King Salmon
creamed corn, poblano, pistachio

Smoked Beef Short Ribs
garlic-chili broccolini, horseradish gremolata, crème fraiche

Fresh Figs & Mascarpone
orange blossom honey, salted almonds, basil

Presqu'ile Wines came and lent us the very talented Matt for the evening to tell us all about grapes, terroir, and wine-making in Santa Maria. We started off with their Sparkling Blanc de Blancs followed by the Pinot Noir Rose, the Chardonnay and finishing off with the Pinot Noir. A delightful set of wines and many of our eat+drink-ers went home with a bottle or two under their arms.

Always fun and games at a Supper Club event. Someone has kidnapped Ed the Gnome! We haven't received a ransom letter yet but we're sure it will arrive soon. We need proof that he's alive!

May 21, 2016 with Jill Davie from The Mar Vista

Oh it's on like donkey kong here at the Eat+Drink Supper Club with Jill Davie. Check out her amazing menu of Salt Roasted Ta Ta's, Turkish Turkey Kebobs, Green Almond Salad, Scallopeed Cevishe, Bone In Pulled Pork Meatballs and some of the best Cranked Season Fruit!

April 23, 2016 with Jason Fullilove

Our first Supper Club of the 2016 Summer Season was a huge hit. Jason Fullilove is the real deal and showed it with his menu of Avocado Toast, Roast Garden Peas, Duck Cassoulet and Chocolate Grenache Tart. We even surprised our Eat+Drinkers with a little pizza from our brand new pizza oven!

We are lucky to have a great set of sponsors for this summer's seat of dinners including Manhattan Margarita, Amanda McAulay Woodworks, Black Ring Coffee and Cocktail & Sons. Check them out all over Southern California!

August 29, 2015 with Scott Tremonti

The Urban Oven was originally founded in Seattle by Chef Scott Tremonti, a renowned Pizzaiolo with uncompromising pursuit of perfection. In 2012, Chef Scott moved the operation back to Los Angeles and quickly began assembling a crew of aspiring Pizzaiolos who shared his passion for authentic artisanal pizzas. By combining freshly sourced ingredients with old world crust, we create culinary masterpieces fresh from the wood oven reminiscent of pizza in its purest form, when it was created as a gift to royalty.

Now, after years of experience and training by some of today’s top pizzaiolos, Chef Scott has built an ardent following and he and his staff gladly share their authentic Napoli-style wood-fired artisanal pizzas on the streets of Los Angeles made fresh on the custom-built mobile wood-fired food truck. Each pizza is made to order and creating the perfect pie is the goal we strive for each time we hit the streets.


Charcuterie - Mole', Finocciona, Hot Sopressata
Honey and truffle drizzled burrata
Crostini's with pickled cauliflower and chile bread crumbs
2008 Uvaggio Moscato

2013 Uvaggio Antichi Viti

3rd /Salad
Beets with Blood Oranges and Fennel
2014 Uvaggio Rosato

4th / Pizza
Prosciutto w/ Roasted Asparagus
Tre Fungi
Special Super Secret Pizza
2012 Uvaggio Primitivo

5th / Dessert
Lemon Olive Oil Cake
Uvaggio Vermentino Passito

July 25, 2015 with Clark Staub

Clark Staub is the founder of Full of Life Foods in Los Alamos, California. A self-taught baker and chef, he is an enthusiast for many things. His Full of Life Flatbread Pizzas can be found frozen in many grocery stores, his restaurant is open every Thursday through Sunday and he can be found baking around the country with his portable wood ovens.


Wine: 2014 J.Brix Cobolorum Sparkling Riesling, Kick On Ranch
Pan con Tomate with Bob's Well Bread 

Cayucos (Abalone) Ceviche served in its own shell

Wine: 2014 J.Brix Uncontainable Vin Gris of Grenache, Santa Barbara Highlands
Santa Rosa Road Heirloom Tomato Gazpacho
Wine: 2013 J.Brix The Augur Riesling, Kick On Ranch
Summer Salad Tutti Frutti Farm Heirloom Tomato and Melon Salad with Cracked Coriander and Balsamic
Wine: 2013 J.Brix Audire Pinot Noir, Kick On Ranch
Stonefruit-braised leg of Goat from Jimenez Family Farm in Los Olivos
with Blistered Padron Pepper Pistou and Summer Squash

Ravioli of Lamb Neck from Jimenez Family Farm
with Vegetable Ash Sauce
Wine: 2013 J.Brix La Libresca Grenache, Santa Barbara Highlands
New Cuyama (Pistachio Cake) with Albion Strawberry Meringue and Rose-scented whipped Yoghurt

May 30, 2015 with Eric Nelson Brown

1st Course
king crab, avocado, cucumber, asparagus, tobiko, mustard greens
Paired with a crisp white wine

2nd Course
Tokyo Tostada
yellow fin, kiri, wasabi aioli, green onion,crispy wonton
Kasai Tempura
tartare stuffed tempura fried jalapeño, kappo shiro dashi
Paired with Kurosawa Nigori

3rd Course
Tako Sashimi
myer lemon, sunomono, togarashi,
Albacore Tataki Sashimi
crispy garlic, sugar cane, citrus soy, daikon
Paired with Shirakabe Gura

4th Course
Imperial Shrimp Maki
crispy shrimp, Japanesse aioli, eel sauce
Torched Shiro Maki
asparagus, yamagobo, ponzu
Paired with a light red wine

5th Course
Mandarin Creme Brûlée
raspberry and lychee fruit
Paired with Hand Crafted Cocktail

April 18, 2015 with Starry Kitchen & Phifer Pavitt Wine

Another amazing Eat+Drink Supper Club event with Starry Kitchen and Phifer Pavitt Wines!

Crispy Tofu Balls + Spicy Sriracha Aioli
Sweet & Sour Rib-Eye Beef (aka not-yo-momma's-Chinese-take-out)
Malaysian Chicken Curry
Young Chinese Mustard Greens + Pancetta
Braised Ginger Pork Belly
Surprise Dessert!


September 20, 2014 with Starry Kitchen

Thi and Nguyen Tran have created an amazing food brand right out of their own apartment kitchen. At one point, their illegal restaurant was the most frequented/rated Asian restaurant in Los Angeles according to Yelp. Since then, they've gone legit and created their own space. but for one night, we get them all to ourselves!

Crispy Tofu Balls
Coconut Chili Snails
Turmeric Fish
Singaporean Chili Crab + Buttermilk Beer Beignets
Osmanthus Panna Cotta


August 23, 2014 with Katie Carey

What an amazing night with Chef Katie Carey straight from NYC!  It was a deliriously lovely evening.  In addition to Katie’s delicious New American Cuisine, we were very lucky to have Phifer Pavitt Wines and  Elena Joelle Hendler joining us for the evening.  The EJH luxury brand is absolutely amazing and I know you loved Elana's take on art and life as much as I did!

Snacks for Cocktails
Bombay Tea Sandwiches
Beets, Chili, Cilantro Yogurt Chutney

Cucumber Avocado Soup (Shooters)
Fluke Crudo, Chili, Lemongrass, Tomato, Coconut Milk

Kale Salad
Cumin Pepita Vinaigrette, Mango

Crispy Squid Salad
Black Garlic Aioli, Summer Squash and Beans, Chicories, Hot and Sour Dressing

BBQ’s Lamb
Sweet Soy, Beer Glaze

Marinated Eggplant, Tomato, Black Vinegar, Mint

Brocoli Slaw
Smoked Trout, Dashi Mayonaise, Sesame

Coconut Pana Cotta, Plum Soup, Thai Basil Granita